NHS Treatments

NHS Orthodontic treatment is free and available to everyone under the age of 19 and in full time education but certain conditions apply, conditions that were implemented by the Scottish Government in October 2011. Moderate to severe orthodontic cases will be approved by the NHS. The severity of a case is determined by a specialist orthodontic scoring system.We have great knowledge and experience working with this scoring system, please call us for a consultation to be assessed by the orthodontist.

All NHS patients must be registered with a dentist and attend there regularly and have good dental health. Some adults may be eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment, it may be dependant upon the complexity of the case. All orthodontic treatment is provided by a specialist orthodontic team; a GDC registered specialist orthodontist, orthodontic therapists and orthodontic nurses. Patients having brace treatment have to attend our clinic regularly, NHS patients may need to take time off work/ school during their treatment. NHS patient are fitted with metal brackets (we do provide coloured braces too, if you wish). If you would prefer to have a more cosmetic brace then come see us for a free consultation.

braces up closebraces up close in mouthbraces up close in mouth