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(including invisible braces, aesthetic braces, metal braces and removable braces)

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Eden Orthodontic Centre is a modern purpose built specialist orthodontic surgery, in the heart of North Lanarkshire where beautiful smiles are created beautifully.

With our practice, our intention was to provide a contemporary and welcoming environment, with the very latest in high-tech equipment and facilities. Light, airy and comfortable, our practice has been designed and furnished to provide the very highest quality professional orthodontic treatment in an entirely relaxed and informal environment. Every patient is treated in their own surgery to ensure privacy and confidentiality; we have chosen not to provide treatment within an open-plan environment.

From the moment our patients arrive to the time that they leave after their appointment, we aim to make their whole experience comfortable, reassuring and as pleasant as possible.

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  • dentistry scotland awards

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  • dentistry scotland awards
  • dentistry scotland awards

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free consultations

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specialist orthodontist

Our orthodontists specialise in multiple fields, allowing us to provide help and advice on a wide range of dental health issues

excellent care

At Eden Orthodontic, we provide the same high quality of care and assistance to all of our patients who come through the door.

all the family

We provide the option to book for all the family! NHS Orthodontic treatment is free and available to everyone under the age of 19 and in full time education.

thousands of happy patients

Our patients couldn’t be happier with the service they received! Just click here to take a look at our Testimonials and see for yourself!

free consultations

At Eden Orthodontic, we are able to provide Polish speaking staff to any and all of our patients who require us to do so. Allowing for clear communication at all times.

living with a brace

It is very important that you look after your brace not only is it your diet that can break the brace please be aware that chewing on pens, nails or opening sports water bottle caps can also break the brace. This in turn can hinder your treatment by sometimes prolonging treatment up to 3 months. You’ll need to keep your teeth and gums in a good condition while having brace treatment, this ensures we can deliver you the best healthiest result.

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NHS Orthodontic treatment is free and available to everyone under the age of 19 and in full time education but certain conditions apply, conditions that were implemented by the Scottish Government in October 2011. Moderate to severe orthodontic cases will be approved by the NHS. The severity of a case is determined by a specialist orthodontic scoring system.We have great knowledge and experience working with this scoring system, please call us for a consultation to be assessed by the orthodontist.

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wedding services

Brides and Grooms are busy preparing for their wedding day months or even years in advance. Time is spent preparing to look amazing, with a fantastic dress, perfect hair, flawless make-up, and teeth?

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Eden Testimonial

Hear from one of our thousands of satisfied patients as they explain their experience with us.

Brace Fitting

Watch our video to see how we carry out the process of brace fitting.

C McCean morph

This quick video shows the results from one of our many happy patients!

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